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Welcome to Hobart Plastic Surgery

We are a contemporary clinic in the Hobart CBD opposite Hobart Private Hospital...

Every patient is unique and we take the time to carefully understand your personal aspirations and circumstances.

It is a privilege to help patients with Plastic Surgery. Surgery is both a physical and an emotional journey. We guide you through the interplay between art, science, and psychology in order to achieve the best possible results.

We use cutting-edge technology including 2D Clinical Imaging photography and 3D Vectra rendering for surgical planning, communication, and visualisation.

We also offer the latest in non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments in the comfort of our rooms at Hobart Dermal Aesthetics. Treating acne, skin cancers, lesions, as well as a range of anti-aging and other skin concerns.

Our attentive and experienced team will support you at every stage of your care.
Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Dr Cameron Keating (MED0001202462) Registered Medical Practitioner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Specialist Registration in Surgery – Plastic Surgery). Provider Number: 262586VB
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